On Energy & Authenticity with Rebecca Davison

Gain insight into the importance of reading energy, embracing vulnerability, and stepping into your power from an intuition coach and mentor.

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Rebecca Davison is an intuitive coach and mentor and the Founder of the Intuitive Life Academy.

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Episode Transcript:

Liz Wiltsie: What do you think is the biggest challenge that leaders face at work?

Rebecca Davison: Oh, this is such a great question. And from my experience, I think the biggest challenge that leaders face is realizing that if you want to get the best out of people, if you want to help people to be motivated and to reach their full potential, you need to see them holistically. And that includes all their emotions.

And this will be difficult for leaders because we have extroverts, we have introverts; we have different personality types; everybody’s wired differently; people have different family values. So it can be a real minefield  let alone being the leader and being the person who has their own kind of field of influence, which is made up of all their thoughts, beliefs, etc. So awareness is key in regards to leadership, and also being the person who is prepared to say that everybody is a unique individual.

Your job as the leader is to help them feel safe emotionally, so they can feel motivated to create their potential.

And of course, that is a whole different ballgame from just turning up to an environment and going, okay, this is a job. And “this is our rational mind and intellect” to create the result. It’s really about what energy do you want a team to be operating in, and really giving some people thought and consideration, because energy is everything.

[Energy] doesn’t have an agenda and doesn’t lie; it just is what it is.

So as a leader, it’s really important to go, okay, I need to be so aware so I can actually see what is happening in people on perhaps a different level, to be able to assist them.

Now to give you an example: if somebody goes into a work environment, and somebody says, “How are you doing?” And they say, “I’m fine.”, you can clearly see that this person is not fine. As a leader, you do not want to ignore that because that is going to impact your whole team environment. If somebody’s got something that’s going on, that’s an emotional problem and needs to be addressed. You need to at least notice and extend some help.

But also too, you need to be aware enough to be able to see that that’s what’s happening for that person. Yeah, hugely important. So it’s a big challenge, right? It’s a huge challenge because it’s about recognizing that people are more than just their job and what they’re there to do.

They want to be in an environment where they feel safe, loved, and connected — and seen.

LW: So to that end, what is your number one tip for addressing that?

RD: As a leader, you need to be very good. There are so many tips, actually. First, one is learn how to read energy, right? Learn how to do that. Learn how to say, oh look, that person’s a bit flat today. Because people are going through stuff, right? Life has its challenges; stuff can be really difficult. So if we want to be a really effective and good leader, we need to speak to people’s hearts. And we need to see them as more than just what they’re there to do, we need to be the person who’s going to go, okay, I’m going to use my own intuitive awareness to read what is happening in this situation to be able to help that person get a better result.

And people are often doing this naturally all the time. But they are just not going to the next step, which is the conscious communication. So as a leader get really aware. A big part of that, though, is to look at your own stuff.

Because that’s a big part of authenticity, as a leader, if you can be authentic, and offer vulnerability, you will have people on your team who will be loyal, who will go to the ends of the earth for you, who will show up in a big way. They’ll feel motivated because they feel cared for. They feel seen and they feel safe.

And it is a huge thing to be able to offer people. So if you’re a leader, you want to get to know yourself really well. You want to get to know what makes you tick and to be able to be vulnerable with people and say, “Hey, I’ve struggled with that before myself,” and then to be able to create that connection. A good boss is somebody, or good leader is somebody who can identify that and offer that to people and say, hey, I know we’re working on this common cause, but I see you, I’m here for you. I’m here to support you. And part of that is the emotional component.

LW: In your experience, what’s been the most impactful concept / book / talk that you deal with around this?

RD: I would say that would be coming into alignment with truth. And truth for a lot of people can be scary, on one hand, it can be scary and on the worst side of that people consider it to be dangerous. But the truth is, you know, this is the beautiful thing about energy, it tells you what the truth is, you go into a meeting, you can read the energy and how the leader might be standing doing a talk and nobody’s engaged. That is the truth. But often we ignore that.

So, a good leader also gives people back to themselves, right? Instead of being a power hog. They will help people to step into their own power and to become self-actualized because that’s really what people want.

People want to know what it feels like to reach their full potential. And a great leader will help people to do that by giving them the accountability and the responsibility.

So it’s a give and take to be able to go, yes, I’m here for you. And I can help facilitate change and growth. However, what do you think the solution is? Let’s discuss it and see if that feels like a great idea. Or,  I can give you this perspective or maybe you forgot about this but…helping people to own their own power. And a lot of that comes back to being prepared to speak the truth.

LW: So what should I have asked you that I didn’t?

RD: A question that I get asked a lot, which I think is important when it comes to intuition, is what’s the difference between intuition and fear?

The answer to that question is a lot of people don’t realize that your intuition is beyond emotion. So if you’re experiencing fear that is a physical, emotional reaction, that’s not your intuition. Your intuition is beyond that . You have the local, which is in your body, and non-local, which is out in the ether as such.

However, intuition is coming from a place of a higher frequency, greater awareness. And it’s always about connection. It’s always about love.

Sometimes your intuition will tell you something like you need to leave that relationship. Or it’s time to get out of this job because it’s sucking your soul. And people will be in that space of knowing that that is occurring, but they’re ignoring it.

So sometimes your intuition might ask you to do something that is outside of your comfort zone. And that may seem scary. However you have to ask yourself, longer-term, is this going to bring me more in alignment with love, happiness, fulfilment because that is always what your inner guidance is looking to do. And fear is just usually stop-block-paralyzing. So they come from completely different places, often the fear will come from a thought process that’s originated in your mind, and then it creates the biochemical reaction where you feel it in your body. Intuition is coming from a completely different frequency.

LW: So you have a free resource for us, tell us about it.

RD: So this is a client attraction meditation. No matter what we’re doing, we need clients. And what I have noticed is that often people want more clients, but often they have a lot of fear about inviting people into their life and world. I’ve read a lot of people’s energy, right? I do it every day for my work. So I’ve often seen it where people want to be a leader, but they don’t actually like people. Because they’ve been hurt by people previously, right?

They’ve had circumstances in their lives, where people have been unkind, cruel, mean. So how do you step into that space where you’re wanting to launch an enterprise or business, whatever it is, and you have maybe some of these wounds from the past or past energy that is holding us back? So this client attraction meditation is really about how can I be in a space where I feel safe to invite people in?

What energy do I need to be running for it to be safe to have more people come into my life and world and feel like I’m safe? I can trust them. I can be discerning and I know what’s happening. And it feels good.

Because often too, I work with quite a few people who are starting their businesses. And what they don’t realize is that everything is about the energy. If you are in the energy of like, I’m ready, and I’m ready to bring people into my life, the world, you can manifest clients just like that. If you have some blocks in the way, it’s a good thing to be aware of that because that’s probably going to be holding you back, especially in regards to the next evolution of what more looks like for you. So this client attraction meditation is really about running the energy, so it can actually show up in your reality.

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