About LEAD the podcast

Welcome to LEAD the Podcast. I’m your host, Liz Wiltsie. Over my career, I’ve mentored more than 175 millennials and gen z folks. I’ve learned some really valuable lessons, but the most important one is that leadership is a process, there is no arriving. So, every week I interview someone with a perspective on leadership and actionable insight to share. I believe that leadership isn’t just the prevue of management or c-level executives. Some of my guests are founders and executives, some are coaches and experts, some are millennials or generation z themselves. All of them have real insight to help leaders be respected without fear, motivate without manipulation, and build kick-ass team morale without false praise.

About Me (Liz Wiltsie)

I’m a professional business consultant and coach with diverse industry experience, ranging from documentary filmmaking, small business technology, and education administration. I’ve been mentoring and coaching Millennials and Gen Z for 13 years and bring a unique perspective because of my time in business, tech, and education. My super-power is breaking complex topics down into actionable insight. 

I developed the Sentendre Method as a framework to improve workplace relationships. The Sentendre Community is a place for leaders to gather online and work through the most difficult leadership questions in a supportive environment.